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With one of the largest selections of used auto parts today, we are your ultimate one stop shop for all your car parts needs. Whether you are looking for used engines, used transmissions, or basic used auto parts you can find them at one of our various auto parts locations.

With over 55 years of experience in our field, our sales team is dedicated to providing you with excellent service and high quality used auto parts. Our parts locating service uses the latest technology available for fast and accurate solutions to your auto parts needs.

We offer fast, free delivery!  We get new junk cars daily bringing top quality recycled used auto parts for you.  Call us today and we’ll get them to you at 40% to 60% off the list price. Simply contact one of our used car parts specialists and they will research your part and give you a quote TODAY!


Largest Selection for all your Used Auto Parts needs

Used auto parts help preserve the environment. That’s because used auto parts reduce the need for new parts manufacturing, which consumes new resources. So in essence you prevent unused material from ending up in landfills.

Used auto parts can save big bucks on your next car repair. Why? They cost a lot less than new auto parts. Let’s say you needed to replace a car door. Using new parts, you’d have to order the door panel, window, mirror and related parts separately and at top dollar. Using used auto parts, you could buy the entire door, already assembled, at a fraction of the manufacturer’s cost.

Used Auto Parts also keep insurance costs down. That’s because most Used Auto Parts come from damaged vehicles that insurance companies have declared “total losses.” Although the damage makes them too expensive to repair, these vehicles are an excellent source of undamaged used auto parts. Professional recyclers buy these “totaled” cars and test their parts to ensure their worth and resale value. By reselling these parts to body shops, new and used car dealerships, repair shops and individuals keep repairs costs in check thus, controlling insurance premiums.


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